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Do Good Angels

Why Use The Sun as Logo?

The sun never sleeps. Always on Time Even if you can't see it, it is still there in the background, or behind clouds, working and doing good. Just like the sun, we are there, always busy working, helping and trying to make changes for the better.

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About Us

We are NOT a registered charity. We as a family has been doing charity for a few years now and we always funded our projects ourselves.

There are thousands of charities and we work with some of them, but we choose to do things different. We don't depend on donations, but with the Covid 19 virus we do need your help..

Do Good Angels is a Limited by Gaurantee company. Companies limited by guarantee are widely used for charities, community projects, clubs, societies and other similar bodies. These companies are not-for-profit companies. They do not distribute their profits to their members but either retain them within the company or use them for some other purpose. In short, we use our profit to finance our own charity. Our aim was (still is) to open coffee, and charity shops to help fund Do Good Angels, but because of Covid 19 those plans had to be put on hold.

We don't add any photos or details on the website when we help people in a personal way to protect their privacy.

Covid 19

As we mention on this site we are family funded and don't get any help.   

We helped as many people as we could but our funds are now exhausted.


Good Luck and Stay Safe 
God Bless 

11th May 2020 

  1.  What We Do - Please see the "Our Services" part of our website for more information .We work on a one-on-one basis. We help individuals, to help and better themselves for good not just for now. When we hear of someone in need we investigate their situation. We meet them in person at a place where they feel safe and at ease. We sit down and listern to what they have to say, what they want and need. We then decide on what action to take. We don't pay bills, fines ect but if finance is their biggest worry we help them in which ever way is best to solve the problem. The same goes for food. There is no point giving money or food just for a day. We obviously help on the day, but together we work on a permanent solution. Then there is the other side. Some people just need a break. It could be in the arts, sport or business. They may have the talent, will and tools to be sucsessful, but does't have the know-how or contacts. We work with private people, organisations and businesses to get them the help they need. When natural disater struck we help when we can and sometimes join forces with other charities and organasations. In short, we help as many people as we can in as many ways.
  2. We can't help everyone, if we can't help you we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who can help.

Our Services

  • Need Help - Personal - Contact Us
  • Need Help - School - If your school or club need help please include the details on the contact form. ( ie Need 100 notebooks, new nets for tennis court)
  • Need Help - Disaster - When we hear in advance about a possible disater our team get to work and have meeting with the local autorities before the disaster strike. We act on their advise and help accordingly.
  • Need Help - Homeless - This is a big and long term project. Our aim here is to buy old buildings. Get some homeless people to help us renovate the properties and turn it into living space or hostels. By doing this we take the homeless off the street, teach them new skills and help them to get back on their feet.
  • Need Help - Veterans - As some of our staff are Veterans, we know what some of the vets have gone through and the daily stuggles they have. We help in a few ways, getting them the help they need from profesionals in their field. We work with some organisations and charities to do this. We also help Vets get to parades other get togethers for vets.
  • Need Help - Days Out - From time to time we organise day trips. It could be fishing, hiking, a show.

Our Sponsors

These are our family businesess and where we get the funds from to do our charity work.


Dog Box Records

Each of our artists do at least two charity shows each year. They decide which charities they want to support.

Some songs are released to raise money for this charity. Examples from this:
Sophie Tasker - (Time To) Put Myself First.
ALL the proceeds from this song goes to help abused woman and children.

Listen to the song here

CP - The Veteran
All the proceeds from this song goes to helping veterans. The full album will be released October 2020. All proceeds from the album and DVD will be donated.

Watch on Youtube


Radio Sarie

Radio Sarie is a community internet radio staion. The radio is muliti lingual and the aim is to help people advertise their own hobbies and small businesess.

Radio Sarie also do outside broadcasts at events.

We also have regular help programs, which goes hand in hand with the charity work we do.



This website is under construction. The festivals will start during 2021.
On our festivals we combine music, food and culture. Our partners in theis is Radio Sarie and Sarie Marais.Com. Their main aim is to promote the South-African culture, and promote the Afrikaans language and culture. Therefor when we do the festivals, say in the U.K we do a South-African / UK music, food and tradition theme. I Ireland it would be South-African / Irish. We believe this to be important so that our kids can be part, and remember our traditions..



Our main business.



Florida, USAr






South Africa


Please include as much info as possible.

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